Morocco tours


"Morocco Tours" is a comprehensive tourist encyclopedia.

The first integrated project to highlight the presentation and marketing of services and tourism activities in Morocco, nationally and internationally in the framework of the revitalization of Moroccan tourism development according to the program « 2020 Vision » and in partnership strategy with companies, experts, printing presses and publishing houses to work together to set goals and means in the definition of highlighting and publicizing the services of Moroccan tourist qualifications nationally, and advertising Morocco globally as a tourist destination with a head of a special and distinctive impress in a modern methodology which relies on several new and sophisticated media techniques, using technological means as one of the main task of marketing tools through six integrated means to achieve the desired objectives as soon as possible and more widespread and accessible to all tourists and travelers.

As follows

  1. Produce a comprehensive tourist guide with the following specifications:
    • Covers all tourist cities
    • Covers all national territory
    • Provides all guidance and tourist information needed by tourists
    • Includes all commercial activities for tourists
    • produce the guide in 10 languages
    • Print 500 000 thousand copies distributed within Morocco and the world
  2. Create a website in 10 languages containing the same information in the tour guide
  3. Create application in 10 languages containing the same information in the tourist guide
  4. Production of interactive tourist documentary film in several languages
  5. Establishment of a tourist call center
  6. Provide Maps of tourist cities in 10 languages

Target Segment

  1. Tourists
  2. Researchers
  3. Investors

Project goals

  1. Define, highlight and publicize Moroccan tourism qualifications and services nationally
  2. Advertise Morocco globally as a tourist destination with a special and distinctive impress
  3. Contribute effectively to the achievement of the objectives set out in the vision of 2020
  4. Increase the stay of tourists and discover new tourist destinations
  5. Define, highlight and publicize the products of traditional industries and handicrafts
  6. Define and highlight the services and tasks provided by the Regional Investment Center for investors
  7. Define, highlight and publicize all types of tourism in Morocco (heritage, religious, medical, environmental, Sports, cultural ...)
  8. Define and highlight the services and tasks provided by the Moroccan Tourism Engineering Company to investors
  9. Define and highlight cultural and social life, Moroccan clothing and Moroccan cuisine
  10. Define the history and geography of Morocco
  11. Provide important tips and advice for tourists including visa and customs
  12. Promote Arab and Gulf family tourism
  13. Provide travelers and tourists with international airlines table trips

Project features

  1. The first integrated tourism marketing project in Morocco nationally and internationally
  2. It covers all major tourist cities as well as all the national territory including the desert of Morocco
  3. Offers all leisure and tourist activities
  4. Covers all types of tourism (business, sports, cultural, environmental, religious, marketing, therapeutic, camping, fishing, and hunting)
  5. Includes all business activities for tourists
  6. Tourist guide in 10 languages
  7. Print 500,000 copies of the guide
  8. Selling the guide at a competitive price to other tour guides
  9. Provide worldwide directory on 5 continents
  10. Showcase all types of markets, malls and shopping malls
  11. Provide information and photos of all places, tourist activities and entertainment in 18 tourist cities and in several languages through various means (paper directory, website, application, Maps, film, call center)
  12. The addresses and phones of all professionals involved in tourism and their services are in the favor of travelers and tourists
  13. Ease of browsing and searching the website
  14. Ease of searching and browsing in the electronic application