Moroccan products


The largest and most comprehensive electronic marketing exhibition for Moroccan products includes

  1. All factory products of all kinds and forms.
  2. All types and forms of handicraft industries.
  3. Animal products, cows, sheep, poultry.
  4. Agricultural products.
  5. Goods transportation (Air-Nautical-road).
  6. Banks.

Target Segment

  1. Consumers
  2. Importers
  3. Researchers
  4. Investors


All products and exports of various types and shapes in one website.

  1. Defining, publishing and marketing Moroccan products inside and outside Morocco
  2. Contribution to increase exports and open up new markets
  3. Currency exchange in Morocco
  4. Provide all plant and product information


  1. Covers all products and factories in Morocco
  2. Includes all factories and product activities
  3. Ease of finding all Moroccan products
  4. Communicate directly with the factories
  5. Prices adapted to all categories of factories
  6. 10 languages by stages
  7. Website advertising inside and outside Morocco
  8. Photos and video of factories and products
  9. Ease of website Navigation
  10. All information on factories and products