Education in Morocco


Establishing the first and most comprehensive web site for education and schools in Morocco, in four languages: Arabic, French, Spanish and English.

Includes the following

Comprehensive information on education and studies in Morocco and a source of all data and information of Public and private schools in all stages from kindergarten to university and training institutes in all cities of Morocco, in addition to companies needed by students such as; presses, libraries computer companies and other companies.

Collect all the information and store them on a website with a impressive view to highlight, define and present all their data and information to the target segment.

The web site advertises and markets private schools and businesses inside and outside Morocco.

Target Segment

  1. Parents
  2. Students
  3. Researchers
  4. Investors

Project goals

  1. Definition of education in Morocco through an overview showing all the wires and stages of education
  2. To highlight and publicize all public and private school data and information from nursery to higher education, as well as all the companies that students need and provide all their data
  3. Introduce students to all educational institutions to help them choose the right institution for them
  4. Provide information on university campus and restaurants
  5. Provide students with information on school orientation
  6. Provide information on the education grant
  7. Provide guidance and advices for Moroccan students to study abroad
  8. Provide guidance and advice for international students to study in Morocco
  9. Provide students with all the lessons, exercises and exam forms
  10. Provide students with all important official links
  11. Provide all the addresses of academies and regional centers, as well as all the addresses of the Ministry of Education in all cities

Project features

  1. The first integrated education project in Morocco
  2. Provide information and data for all public and private schools and companies that the students need in all national territory
  3. Provide all classes, exams and exercises for all cycles and all disciplines
  4. Provide information and images of all schools
  5. Website in four languages: Arabic, French, English and Spanish
  6. Provide all titles and links needed by the student
  7. Ease of browsing and searching the website